Condition of Use

Use of The Foz Group Online Shop

The user shall use this service in accordance with this agreement and the usage guide separately established by The Foz Group. If you use The Foz Group Online Shop, you are deemed to have agreed to these Terms.

First time use and membership registration

When you use the The Foz Group online shop for the first time and purchase The Foz Group products, you must apply for membership registration according to the method specified by The Foz Group. This is the registration of customer information for the first purchase. After the first purchase, you will be automatically registered as a member. Members are required to have an address in the country.

About membership

You will be automatically registered as a member from the first time you purchase The Foz Group product online. A membership number will be given to each member. If you do not have a membership number, you will not be considered as a member and you will not be able to receive various member benefits. Members are required to live in Japan. Membership maintenance fee is free.

About registration change

Members are required to promptly contact The Foz Group by the prescribed method when the name, address or telephone number registered with The Foz Group is changed. Cancellation of membership.
The membership will be deleted if the member falls under any of the following.

  • If you make a false declaration to The Foz Group
  • If you do not pay the fee or refuse to receive the ordered product
  • When a commercial or resale purchase is discovered
  • Other cases when it is judged that The Foz Group is not eligible as a member

About withdrawal

If a member withdraws, you must contact The Foz Group. Registration will be promptly cleared after receiving the notification. It will take a certain period of time to suspend the newsletter.

Membership number management

When changing your address, your membership number may change. Membership numbers are required to be managed by the members themselves so that they cannot be used illegally. Also, the membership number cannot be transferred or lent to another person. The Foz Group shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the unauthorized use of your membership number and personal information.

Handling of member information

The personal information registered by the members to The Foz Group shall be held by The Foz Group and shall not be provided to third parties. The registered personal information will not be used for anything other than product delivery, various member services, and disclosure of information that the user has consented to in advance.

About changing the terms

If this agreement is deemed necessary by The Foz Group, it may be changed without notice to the user and displayed on the The Foz Group online shop.

About prohibited matters

The following acts of the user are prohibited.
(1) Application for false registration details
(2) Use of The Foz Group online shop that illegally uses the personal information of others
(3) Use of The Foz Group Online Shop by illegally using a credit card owned by someone other than the user
(4) Actions that may interfere with or interfere with the operation of The Foz Group online shop
(5) Acts that cause nuisance, disadvantage or damage to other users and The Foz Group
(6) Use of The Foz Group online shop for profit and resale
(7) Acts infringing the trademark rights, copyrights, privacy or other rights of The Foz Group, or acts with the fear thereof.
(8) Other acts that The Foz Group deems inappropriate
Please be aware that if you violate the above prohibited acts, you will be liable for criminal penalties and damages under criminal law, unauthorized access law, trademark law, copyright law, and civil commerce law.

Sales of alcoholic beverages

IMPORTANT: The sale of alcohol to minors (under 20) is prohibited by Japanese law. The Foz Group does not sell alcohol to anyone under the age of 20. Please note that anyone using this site to receive alcoholic beverage shipments from The Foz Group is over 20 years old.


The Foz Group online shop can be stopped without notice to the user if The Foz Group determines that system maintenance is required for stable operation, emergency maintenance, system failure due to fire or power failure, or other unavoidable system shutdown. The Foz Group shall not be liable for any damage to users caused by the modification, delay or suspension of The Foz Group online shop system. In addition, we shall not guarantee the damage caused by the user’s usage environment, network connection status, or inadequate operation procedures. We are not responsible for the contents of other sites linked to The Foz Group website.

About copyright

The contents of The Foz Group online shop are all rights reserved by The Foz Group from the present to the past and are protected by copyright law. Therefore, the content, individual images, text information, data, and software may not be reprinted, reproduced, or reused without permission of The Foz Group. All content published on The Foz Group website is copyrighted and published by The Foz Group. Please note that all information and contents, including images (photos, drawings, illustrations) and text, may not be copied, modified or reused without permission.


In case of an accident (delay, damage, loss) after shipping your order, we will respond according to the terms and conditions specified by each carrier. If a problem that cannot be solved by these Terms of Use arises, we shall discuss it in good faith between The Foz Group and the user and lead to the solution. If there is a need for litigation regarding the use of The Foz Group Online Shop after consultation and the resolution cannot be reached, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court.
(Effective June 20, 2008)