Va Piano 2015 ROSE

OAK COMPOSITION 90% Stainless steel, 10% French Oak
CHEMISTRY Alc. 13.75%, TA .70, pH 3.4
BOTTLING DATE February 13, 2016

This wine uses the fruits of the vineyards, located in the center of the Yakima Valley, in the area of ​​1,000 feet above sea level in northern Prosser. The soil is sandy and topographically the valleys of the Yakima Valley ripen the grapes late, which is the key to maintaining their aroma and sourness.Washington’s 2015 vintage was a very warm year. It was a very rare case that the first shoots started in early April. In the relatively cool climate of this vineyard, the vines are late-ripening, which produces intricate and subtle wines. The 2015 Rosé Cabernet Franc is a dry medium body with a rich aroma of tropical fruit, pomegranate and passion fruit. While it has a strong sourness, the guava, mango, and watermelon last notes that change into a bright flavor will invite you to the perfect taste.